ESTD. : 1958
Product & Services Marwaha Manufacturing Co. ( MAMCO )

Product Details OF " MAMCO "

TheŠ≤®waha Manufacturing Company (MAMCO)‚•†committed to producing truly strong handling equipment. We enhance this promise, through new technology and inherent product quality.


Mamco Track Jack


  • Mamco mechanical track jacks have a Cast Steel body & head and solid cast base and large grooved toe for stable jacking
  • It is light weight & easy to carry. Fit for all track applications
  • Heat-treated, forged components for extra strength and longer life
  • Special spring maintains full pawl engagement



Electrically Operated Synachronised Screw Jack


  • Electrically Operated Synachronised Screw Jack are basically used for lifting all type of Locomotives, Coaches, Wagons and Locomotive of all types, inside the Railway workshop for maintenance, Inspection & other purposes. The jacks can use individually, in pairs, or all four together in synchronization for lifting / lowering, and sustaining function from a central control panel.


Screw Lifting & Traversing Jack



  • Screw jacks are use full for various applications requiring heavy lifting & shifting of heavy load is required.  It is suitable for Re-railing rolling stock & other applications.

  •


Ball Bearing Journal Jack



  • The MAMCO Journal Jacks are the most general purpose Jacks. Rugged construction permits safe Lifting & Lowering of Loads. It holds the load indefinitely without creep down.

  •


Self Lowering Ball Bearing Geared Screw Jack


  • Self Lowering Ball Bearing Gear Screw are widely used for Construction & Maintenance of Bridges, Oil fields, Shipyard, Construction and other industries.

     Special Feature :- While lowering under load, no manual efforts is required as it comes down automatically by weight of load. An automatic self lowering device is provided in the Jacks.



Special Purpose Testing Machines



Special Purpose testing machine for Railway and other Industries

1. Hydraulic Coil, Spring, Leaf Testing Machines. For testing different types if Coils or Springs used in Loco, Coaches, Wagons etc.

2. Hydraulic Horizontal Tensile Testing Machines. For testing Screw Coupling, Rope Slings, Hooks, Chain Slings, Hanger etc.